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  • Air Cooled
  • 12 Foot Torch
  • Flexible Torch Head
  • Switch & Sheathed torch
  • DC Rating 125A
  • AC Rating 90A
  • 35% Duty Cycke
  • 1.0mm-2.4mm End Spares
  • Patented handle sets with large surface area soft grips for improved balance and positionability
  • Knuckle joint enables small movements of the torch independently of the cable assembly
  • Premium grade hose materials improve flexibility and service life
  • Front-end leather protection hose
  • All packages supplied with a 5 core lead and ‘plug and play’ switch port


Parker Suregrip Tig torches are built to the highest product specification, utilizing the finest materials.

High end product features, handle ergonomics and cable flexibility provide a superior experience.


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