15kg Spool 307 Bohler Stainless Steel MIG Wire 1.2mm

£199.95 (£239.94 inc. VAT)

  • 15kg Spool
  • 307Lsi Grade Dissimlar Stainless Steel wire
  • Bohler
  • 1.2mm
  • 307Si produces a tough, ductile, 19% Cr / 9% Ni / 7% Mn austenitic stainless weld metal which is highly crack resistant. It is intended for joining hardenable steels, armour plate, 13% Mn steels and difficult-to-weld steels, without the need for preheating. It is also recommended for dissimilar joints between stainless and mild or medium carbon steels. The deposit work hardens from 200 HV to 450 HV.Applications: Buffer layers on 13% Mn steels used in rock crushing and earth moving equipment, prior to hardfacing. Reclaiming 13% Mn steels. The surfacing of rails, rail crossings, frogs etc. Buffer layers in highly restrained repair work.
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