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  • LPT4I TAF Flap Disc 115x22mm

    • Glass Fibre backing with a semi rigid backing, allowing for high aggression grinding with some control.
    • Bevelled profile for high aggression applications. Operators report having a bevelled edge to the disc makes it easier to have a flat grinding face in direct contact with the job.
    • 115mm Diameter
    • 22mm Hole Centre
    • Available in 40,60,80 & 120 Grit
    • Packed in boxes of 20
    • Zirco Ceramic are manufactured using a top size cloth bonded with a mixture of zirconium oxide and ceramic abrasives. This special combination of high quality materials emphasizes its very fast stock removal rates coupled with an exceptional working life. In addition these discs offer high temperature and pressure resistance. They are suitable for stainless steel, forged metals, carbon steel and any exotic metals. The blue colour cloth is free of iron oxides to prevent any stainless steel contamination, added to which the discs are all iron, sulphur and chlorine free.