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  • Bohler Uranos 2700 MTE Machine Package


    The Bohler Uranos 2700MTE is one of the only machines of its kind – offering both pulsed MIG capability and HF Tig on DC as well as MMA – and importantly not losing any quality on either process. A real master of all trades and jack of none!

    All our machine packages come ready to weld, This MTE package comes complete with industrial quality Mig torch, Tig Torch, Earth Lead, Gas Hose, 3 Phase plug of your choice and fully tested!

    • High Duty Cycle
    • Full Digital Display
    • Synergic Pulse, Double Pulse, HF TIG, MMA
    • 415V
    • 3 Years Warranty (Plus an extra 2 on the expensive bits)
    • Simple Setup
    • Demonstration machine available
    • Takes full 15kg spools of wire


    Download Spec 


    For more details or to arrange a demonstration please email 

  • GYS TIG 300 DC

    GYS TIG 300 DC

    £2,200.00 (£2,640.00 inc. VAT)
    • Input Power: 415V
    • Duty Cycle: 255A @ 60%
    • Output Range: 5-300 Amps
    • Weight: 21kg
    • Made in France
    • Pulse Capabilities
    • TIG & MMA/Stick Facility

    Download spec

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