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  • Bohler Uranos 2000 SMC


    The Bohler Uranos SMC is the perfect welding power source for simple, reliable and modern wire fed welding on mild steel. It is particularly suited to the continuous processes typical of light metal fabrication and mechanical workshops in general.

    All our machine packages come ready to weld, This SMC package comes complete with high quality Mig torch, Earth Lead, Gas Hose & Plug of your choice. Additional option to add a 4mtr or 8mtr TIG torch. The TIG torch has a Euro block connector just like the MIG torch – it picks up the gas from the solenoid in the machine – meaning no awkward valved torch & many features a lot of multi process machines don’t have such as TIG Pulse, slope up & slope down!

    • Best Duty Cycle in it’s class
    • 220A @ 100% at 25°C
    • Full Digital Display
    • Synergic
    • 240V
    • 3 Years Warranty (Plus an extra 2 on the expensive bits)
    • Simple Setup
    • Demonstration machine available
    • 5kg spools only


    Download Spec 


    For more details or to arrange a demonstration please email 

  • GYS Multiweld 160M

    £750.00 (£900.00 inc. VAT)

    Contact Harris Langfield on 01422 835388 or for a demonstration or for more details!

    • All our packages come ready to weld with Genuine Binzel MIG torch, earth lead, gas hose & Plug of your choice
    • Made in GYS China
    • 2 Years Parts & Labour Warranty
    • Input Power 240v
    • Rated Output  95A, 60% Duty Cycle
    • Suitable for welding with 0.6mm & 0.8mm Wire
    • Dimensions 770 x 790 x 470 mm
    • Weight 34.2kg


    Download Spec


  • GYS Multipearl 200-2

    £1,050.00 (£1,260.00 inc. VAT)
    • Input Power: 110V / 240V
    • Duty Cycle: 110A @ 60% (110v)
    • Duty Cycle: 120A @ 60% (240v)
    • Wire size: 0.6mm-0.8mm
    • Weight: 12kg
    • Made in France
    • Dimensions: 230x450x360mm
    • Synergic MIG
    • LCD Screen

    Download spec

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