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  • P34CT Tweco 4 Type Fixed Gas Nozzle Insulator

    Tweco 4 Type Fixed Nozzle insulator – Paired with P24CT-62S to complete two part Tweco 4 gas nozzle

  • P24CT-62S Tweco 4 Type Fixed Gas Nozzle

    Tweco 4 Type Fixed Nozzle – Screws into P34CT Fixed Nozzle Insulator to complete two part Tweco 4 gas nozzle

    16mm Bore

    5/8″ Tip Recess

  • MB15 3mtr Steel Torch Liner

    • 3 metre length
    • Steel wire Liner for MB15 Type MIG torches
    • Complete with brass nipple
    • Cut to length
  • MB15 Parker Mig Torch 3mtr


    • Parker BZL Range are a high quality copy of the original Binzel MB15 Torch
    • Contact tips are manufactured using quality copper alloys
    • All wear parts are manufactured to the same specification as the original to ensure reliability & longevity
    • Standard performance tip adaptors, diffusers and swan necks
    • Cable sets offer the ultimate in heat and abrasion resistance.
    • Cable supports are designed to combine flexibility with smooth and consistent wire feeding
    • ‘Plug and play’ switch interchangeability in seconds! – try it
    • Switches are available with standard and extended lever options
  • SGT9F-12-SSW

    • Air Cooled
    • 12 Foot Torch
    • Flexible Torch Head
    • Switch & Sheathed torch
    • DC Rating 125A
    • AC Rating 90A
    • 35% Duty Cycke
    • 1.0mm-2.4mm End Spares
    • Patented handle sets with large surface area soft grips for improved balance and positionability
    • Knuckle joint enables small movements of the torch independently of the cable assembly
    • Premium grade hose materials improve flexibility and service life
    • Front-end leather protection hose
    • All packages supplied with a 5 core lead and ‘plug and play’ switch port